Church Trustees

To enable church trustees to benefit from experiences of others; to share knowledge of what they learned in their church and to seek help for issues which they are unable to resolve alone.

Make informed decisions for maintenance and repair on the parsonage, church, and property with the belief there is value from learning what others have tried.

Check out the advice from other church trustees in What We Learned (PDF: 14K).

Our Self Inspection Checklist (PDF: 16K) is a helpful guide for inspecting the church building, grounds, and parsonage.

Contractor Referrals

Consult lists of

By October 1 of each year, churches need to complete and file the Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth Nonprofit Corporation Information (PDF) (Look for Form 269: Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Filing Instructions) with the State of Michigan.

Additional Church Trustee Resources can be found on Michigan Conference of The United Methodist Church.

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