Congregations in the Greater Detroit District of the Michigan Conference looking to improve, grow, and develop capacity are encouraged to contact the United Methodist Union at 1.313.638.2390.

Proposals for community outreach programs, leadership training, and improved management are considered key to the success of congregations developing their discipleship skills.

Requirements Summary

  • Contact the Executive Director, then download and complete the UMU Application for Funds (PDF: 60K)
  • Complete application, obtain required signatures
  • Current expenses paid
  • Apportionments paid
  • Income & Expense Reports for prior 3 full years
  • Legal description of property
  • Proof of adequate insurance on the building
  • Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Nonprofit Corporation Information Update 2018 (report due October 1 each year with $20 filing fee to State of Michigan)

Terms and requirements are subject to change.

How to apply:  Contact the Executive Director, then download and complete the UMU Application for Funds.

  1. Complete the entire application
    • Obtain required signatures at the bottom of page 1 indicating approval by Administrative Board, Charge Conference, Pastor and District Superintendent
    • Include copies of Income and Expense Reports on 8½ x 11 inch paper for each year shown on bottom of page 2
  2. Application approval
    • Completed application is reviewed by the appropriate committee, their recommendation is presented to Board of Trustees of the United Methodist Union, full Board votes
    • Church advised of Board’s decision
  3. Commitment of funds
    • Upon Board approval, the United Methodist Union will issue a Commitment Letter (and Acceptance) a contract that guarantees the availability of funds sufficient for the loan for 6 months
    • Commitment Letter specifies actions and documents required from church, in particular, insurance coverage on building; funds are released when these are met
    • Subject to all mortgage costs, escrow fees, surveys, mortgage title policies, mortgage construction funds, and any and all other costs in connection with or incidental thereto being borne by the church
    • As work is completed, contractor provides and church approves an unconditional waiver of lien which is forwarded to the United Methodist Union
  4. Beginning mortgage payments
    • Once work is completed and funds drawn, the United Methodist Union will calculate and issue mortgage payment invoices to church, payments begin the following month
    • If church does not require all of the funds, loan amount and monthly payment adjusted accordingly

Terms and requirements are subject to change.

Timeline for Application Process

  • Application needs to be at the United Methodist Union by the third Thursday of the month for consideration by the appropriate committee, which meets the fourth Wednesday.  Applicant will be notified of Committee’s decision within seven days of their meeting.
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